Ai Wei Wei

21 Sep

This is going to be the movie of the year:  Human Flow is an expansive global look at the lives and voices of refugees across 23 countries.


5db473324be84b8f5bffc2f3685f002b_original.jpgAi Wei Wei will be in New York this fall! with a citywide installation!  Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. Description below from the Kickstarter:

“In response to the worldwide plight of migrants and refugees, divisive immigration and border control policies, and the global rise in nationalism, the exhibition, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, will be installed at 300 + sites spanning dozens of New York City neighborhoods in all five boroughs.

Adapting security fencing in a variety of unexpected ways, Ai Weiwei’s artworks will appear at street level, rise from rooftops, emerge between buildings, be affixed to lampposts, frame bus shelters, and seemingly grow out of the urban infrastructure.

Major site-specific sculptures will be installed at iconic locations including Central Park, Washington Square Park, and the Unisphere, while more discrete 2-D and 3-D interventions — including posters with images collected from the artist’s visits to refugee camps around the world — will be installed across New York’s five boroughs.”

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