21 Aug



… kinda strange the sun being eaten up by the shadow of the moon for a bit  … & everyone in real life talking about it …  since my ever-lonely inner monologue has been dedicated to the writing of a story called notes from the plastic island, about an island made of plastic where there is no sun … only the Cathedral of Sun … sensual fantasies of the memory of sun …  a virtual reality theater …  where islanders flock to watch sun-rises&sets on large surround screens  … & experience intercourse with the sun … a sun last seen in childhood …  now blocked out by the body of a dictator … a giant dressed in an imported business suit … & forever confusing the roosters …


… the best eclipse movie I know about is called Judy Berlin, starring a young and brilliant Edie Falco, as well as Madeline Kahn.

… directed by Eric Mendelsohn … where are you now? this is such good filmmaking!




“…. the blue sun had almost completely disappeared beyond the horizon, the crimson tinge of the clouds in the opposite direction heralded the rising of the red sun. The vast blackness of the ocean and the empty sky above it were then filled with a blindingly fierce clash between hard colors aglow like metal, glistening with poisonous green and subdued hollow flames of crimson, while the ocean itself was rent with the glare of two counterposed disks, two furious fires, one mercuric and one scarlet …”


“The red dawn was blazing in the window panes and dividing the room in two. We were in the pale blue shadow. Beyond its border everything looked like it was made of copper; you might have thought each book would clang if it fell from the shelf.”

 – from Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris, re: Solaris’s 2 suns





… my favorite comet movie … Night of the Comet …

… a comet passes through vanishing most of 1980’s America … & two badass chicks are among the survivors … they find shelter in a department store …

… one of the girls who survives the comet is saved by a night of passion with her film projector boyfriend in a steel-walled projection room … forever cementing the cinema paradiso symbolism of the movie theater, in my mind … the sacredness of its cathedral  …


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