FOR SALE: Book of Crushes & Poetry Crush T-Shirts, Tanks & Croptops

3 Mar

10010427_10203331657030139_258056692_ophoto 1

Poetry Crush crops, tanks & tees are for sale.  Artwork by Todd Colby.   And Book of Crushes is for sale too.  Artwork by Sara Lefsyk.  

About Book of Crushes:  This mysterious book of secret crushes is designed to be read aloud, but in hushed voice & by candlelight.  Book of Crushes is broken up into three sections:

Poems: Poet-on-Poet Crush
Jennifer Knox on Walt Whitman, Sara Lefsyk on Federico Garcia Lorca, J. Hope Stein on Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes, Melissa Broder on Emily Dickinson, Todd Colby on Mina Loy, Janaka Stucky on Jean Genet, Joanna Penn Cooper on Wislawa Symborska, Victor D. Infante on Anne Sexton, Christine Hamm on Marianne Moore, Lauren Hunter on Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, & Jean Toomer, Maria Teutsch on Henry Miller, Joe Hall on Edward Taylor and Rauan Klassnik on Ron Silliman.

Poems: Poet-on-Celebrity Crush
Joanna Penn Cooper on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kristy Bowen on James Franco, Amy Lawless on Mariah Carey, Sasha Fletcher on the presidents, Monica McClure on Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Gordon on Britney Spears and Brandon Brown on Amanda Bynes.

Radical Essay or Short Story: Poet-on-Poet Crush
Sampson Starkweather on Weekend at Bernies & Hamlet, Miracle Jones on an orgy with Emma Lazarus & Julia Ward Howe and J. Hope Stein on Shakespeare.



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