Poetry Crush: Henry Miller

6 May

pingpongposterbrooklynI never told anyone this before:  It happened when I was a kid– went away– then came back a few years ago.

I hear music coming from inside fans and air conditioners.   Not simple rhythms or melodies–  beautiful symphonies with elaborate orchestral string and horn movements.  Most of the time, I get really freaked out when I catch myself– I tell myself the music isn’t really there and eventually it goes away.  But once in a while, I’ll just listen.  In fact, I just finished a draft of a chapbook called “The Musicians in My Ceiling Fan,”  which attempts to convey these musics.  I mention this because Henry Miller heard music too:

I’m slightly deaf, you know.  Up in a plane, I hear perfectly.   I not only hear symphonic music, I hear celestial music. It comes to me over the ether waves.  I asked pilots, ‘do you hear that too’ and they say, ‘yes.’   And they are absolutely mystified.

Henry Miller


One Response to “Poetry Crush: Henry Miller”

  1. Maria Teutsch May 6, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    Ceiling fans always remind me of David Lynch. I think he also heard something there. Maybe ceiling fans are the way aliens communicate with us. When I do yoga, at stare at the reflection of the ceiling fan and it allows me to hold my plank pose longer. Maybe I get energy in the reflection. Huh . . .
    Can’t wait for Monday night. Wow, I feel privileged . . .

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