Juliet Capulet

19 Mar


I meant to put this up for Valentine’s Day along with my idea for a new online dating site called “Romeo and Juliet for Peace”  – which protests war with love & matchmaking between warring sides.  What happened was that I wrote a short story instead called Romeo and Juliet for Peace about a girl who launches a dating site called “Romeo and Juliet for Peace”.

I hate to put myself in someone else’s shoes but the thing I never understood about Juliet is why she (or Friar) felt the need to fake her death:  Her father threatened to disown her if she didn’t marry Paris: It seems like perfect timing because her secret husband (Romeo) is banished.  Disownment and banishment seem to pair quite naturally & without further drama. But Romeo & Juliet is like Twilight written by Shakespeare:

Juliet (3.2)

Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night,
That runaways’ eyes may wink and Romeo
Leap to these arms, untalked of and unseen.
Lovers can see to do their amorous rites
By their own beauties, or, if love be blind,
It best agrees with night.  Come, civil night,
Thou sober-suited matron all in black …
…. Come, night.  Come Romeo.  
Come, thou day in night.

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