What My Crush Said: Elia Kazan

4 Jul

Kazan, Brando & Dean who, as usual, is doing animal things with his eyes & neck &  jaw.

I would have booed him at the Oscars for sure, but what artistic accomplishment & wisdom —

“…The whole thing is to try to speak your own language, whatever it is and wherever you come from, to make your own choices and be ready to stand alone.”

“As to whether the director and the leading lady will fall in love, well, it’s inevitable.  How could it be otherwise?  It is a relationship where everything is at stake and nothing can be concealed.  The wise partner of the actor and director will expect this and understand and not resent whatever develops.  The partner can be sure of one thing.  The relationship will not last.  What caused it to happen was the mutual effort to excel at any cost.  And when the enterprise is completed, the effort will drain away and disappear.  But while it goes on, the fact is:  My fate is in your hands, your fate in mine.

Nothing else, no other way of working on a project in art, is worth the time or trouble.  Totality, nothing held back, passion undiminshed from beginning to end!

And that is the pleasure of it.”

“Story has to do with cause and effect, a chain of cause and effects linked together in such a way that the end is inevitable in the beginning.”

On set – Kazan & Brando – On the Waterfront

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