Hey Kristy Bowen, what are you reading?

3 Feb

Many of us know Kristy Bowen as a publisher who has her finger on the pulse of emerging women’s poetry as well as a talented and incredibly prolific writer and visual artist herself. Kristy Bowen lives in Chicago and runs dancing girl press & studio, an indie press and design studio. Her lovable aesthetic is in all her work, including the marvelous cover art of the chapbooks she publishes.

I asked Kristy what she’s been reading…

“At any given time, I’m usually slowly juggling a handful of poetry books.  Fiction I like to sit down and read straight through without stopping, but with poems, I’ll have a few books scattered around my surroundings, on the nightstand, on my writing table next to my laptop, my desk at the library where I work, the counter in the studio.  I keep one in my bag in case I have a few minutes here and there and on the bus or train.  I’ve been known to leave them in the kitchen, in the linen closet, next to the copier. I almost never read them chronologically, but will flip through and enjoy whatever catches my eye then pick it up again later and read more. I also occasionally pull things off the bookshelf at home and skim through when I’m in search of inspiration. Right now, on my desk here at work, are Anna Journey’s If Birds Gather in Your Hair for Nesting and Rachel Zucker’s The Bad Wife Handbook..  In my bag, Matthea Harvey’s Modern Life and Evan Lavender Smith’s From Old NotebooksNext to my bed, stacked among some trashy mystery novels I also like to read in bed, is Plath’s Ariel.   Next to my computer is a small stack of library acquisitions, Kathryn Pringle’s Right New BiologyKaia Sand’s Remember to WaveBrenda Hillman’s Practical Water.  Sometimes I read them backwards, from the middle and outward, sometimes abandon them wholly if I lose interest. Sometimes, months later I’ll pull them off the shelf again and be all enamored again and continue.” — Kristy Bowen


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    […] Kristy’s current influence on emerging poetry is unstoppable & undeniable.   I visited her studio for a signing in March and what she is accomplishing there with such remarkable positive vibes blew my mind!  Here’s Poetry Crush’s – Hey Kristy, what are you reading? […]

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