Yoel Hoffmann

10 Nov

A note from Sara Lefsyk. (who i have a great crush on)– (check out some of Sara’s work here .)

dear j hope stein, here is my poetry crush, yoel hoffmann, also a modern day superhero.

here too is a an excerpt from his book Bernhard:


that he knows the meaning of the word “Cockpit.”
Visual memories come back to him (because of the
luminous light of Palestine) only sluggishly.  He
thinks:  “Who fills the fragment of space that my
father Sigmund’s body once occupied?”  “Where are
the sounds of my dead mother’s voice preserved?”
“Is there an invisible line along the route that Bern-
hard Stein traveled on his way from Berlin to Pales-
tine?”  And he also thinks:  “Can one remember
memories?”  Only one or two odd recollections re-
volve in his head lie a weathervane (such as the
time he said to an Arab:  “Mufhum?”).

And even though Bernhard’s mouth


is full of teeth (just like a wolf’s mouth, though
most of Bernhard’s teeth are no longer whole), he
imagines himself the author of a realistic story (the
kind whose hero masturbates into the sink) but
interwoven with tender emotion, like a thin chord:

D.S. Gregory gently took Isabella’s hand and
led her to the lamplight.  “What you see,” he
said, “is a skin fungus.”

Whenever Bernhard meets Herzog


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